Monday, April 27, 2015


Our blog has a new home! I didn't want to start over again, but our time at Little House on Brush Prairie is coming to a close and that means a new chapter is upon us. We've enjoyed our Little House and have many wonderful memories of this lovely place, but life has new plans for us and it's time to move on. We were so lucky to sell our house in one day and we are going to a wonderful new home where we can create new dreams, experience new adventures, and spend more time together in a space we love (with no yard work!) That doesn't mean there isn't a tear as I think of all we've done here.

The last five years have been full. When we arrived at Little House on Brush Prairie I didn't know who I was (a stay at home wife? a graduate student? a volunteer? a wannabe mother? an aspiring librarian? a hopeful gardener?) and then life threw me a curve ball I never saw coming. Turns out Jeff was the amazing gardener and kept me in fresh flowers for four summers in a row, but motherhood was not to be. Some days I wasn't sure I would be able to move forward, if we could move forward, but I emerged and my life has taken a path I would never exchange. I've experienced tremendous grief, gained perspective, and am grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way: fulfilling work, wonderful friends, and trips to faraway places. If I could do it over would I take away infertility? Yes, but I can't imagine not having that experience to shift my perspective and shape who I am. It's part of my story. It's our story. I still have my moments, of course, but I've grown up. It may always be a sadness I carry deep in my heart, but moments of joy now outnumber my moments of despair. My dream of a family floated away, but I am still married. To the world's oldest teenager, in fact, which means we laugh a lot, go on water slides, eat in front of the TV, color in coloring books, listen to loud music, take road trips, and Santa still visits. (Can you believe it?) I am so very lucky indeed.

In preparation for our move we're shedding almost all of our stuff in hopes of a simpler life where we can focus on experiences. We still need a place to sit so we went furniture shopping last week and bought none of this although it's really beautiful.

Such a handsome a really amazing chair!

I don't want or need this sofa but I loved the treetop view from the 2nd story. Urban shopping is my favorite!

I do NEED this for the master bedroom, though :) 

And I'd love this beauty for the dining room! 

The only thing we really need is a new space in which to create new dreams. Together. Just the two of us.

Here's a sneak peek! Honestly, I blame it on that refrigerator.

We move in May 5th. Life is so much fuller when you let go of what you thought would be and let it just be. It's a refreshing reminder that our plans are not our own. Besides, if my life had turned out exactly as I imagined when I was 19 I would be totally bored and possibly disappointed. I had no idea....
Here's to adventure and many new memories wherever life may take us!


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  1. Yay! First commentator! I miss you so much... Your new house looks great. I'm glad you'll be a smidge closer.