Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hello, Summer.

Nantucket via Vancouver

I'm dreaming of Nantucket. It might be the bright blue sky, the warm air, or the hydrangea on my porch, but I want to whisk myself away to the cobblestone streets where I can ride a bike all over town past rose-covered cottages with a juicy novel in my wicker basket. I've also been craving iced tea, sweetened with a cup of sugar, on a hot afternoon. And strawberries. In my imagination I can feel cool St. Augustine grass, prickly and soft at the same time, on my legs as I sit in the evening on the front lawn of my childhood home. And when I put the coffee on in the morning and ever so slightly open the patio door, for a moment I am in my grandmother's mountain house, the smell of coffee and the feel of cool damp northwest air awakening a vacation memory from years gone by.

It's summer. 

Well, not officially, but we've had temperatures above a hundred degrees. It's time. I'm ready. This might be the first year (ever!) I'm actually ready for looking forward to summer before it officially arrives. Summer is not my favorite season, but this year I'm nostalgic for it. Maybe it's the milestone birthday that is staring me down, maybe it's the overwhelming desire to get outside, maybe I'm evolving. Whatever the reason I'm thrilled. I'm excited for a little adventure, trying some new experiences, revisiting some old favorites and finding what brings me joy. Stay tuned.


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