Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hot Tub. Time Machine.

 Yes, that's the title of one of JSM's favorite movies that I refused to watch, but it's also how I feel today. We gloriously relaxed in not one, but two hot tubs over the last few weeks and I'm now wishing for a time machine to take me back.....way back. The past few weeks were LONG with board meetings, work, volunteer activities, and a funeral. It is always hard when illness strikes, but it's an extra punch in the gut when it is quick, unexpected, and completely unfair. I would love a time machine to take me back for just a day to work with such a consummate librarian, a dynamic person with whom I shared a name (my middle, her first), who knew the print reference collection backwards and forwards, loved estate sales and Wired magazine, read voraciously, shared a love of books about religion, owned the first ELF in Portland and constructed a granny flat in her backyard. She had plans to live in it. Sadly, her light went out before the sun rose on her retirement. For the third time in a year, I am reminded that the days are long, but the years are short and time with friends and loved ones can never be replaced. May she rest in peace.

And so I am extra grateful that JSM and I had the loveliest of TWO weekends away from Vancouver. In honor of experiences (not things) we made a spontaneous trip to Carson, WA in the gorge for a stay at the Carson Hot Springs. Not glamorous, but oh so relaxing. In fact, it was the simplicity that made it so wonderful: surprisingly old claw foot tubs, spectacular scenery, and an historic, if a bit dilapidated, hotel. This little surprise getaway made my one day weekend feel like a week. We stopped at the Skamania Lodge for brunch and ended the afternoon with a pedicure.

On our drive up the gorge......the Columbia River.
JSM relaxing in the mineral water.
 And then we headed down to Black Butte Ranch, just outside of Sisters, Oregon to spend a weekend away. Which included a hot tub. On the golf course. What more could we ask for? Nothing. We hardly left the "ranch" and I finished books (imagine!), had spa treatments (yes, plural), and drove the golf cart (what fun!) while JSM played nine holes on a most beautiful day. It was glorious and we can't wait to return.

My weekend. Seriously.
The view from the Lodge at the ranch. Two of the "sisters".


Portrait. Selfie.
Crossing the golf course behind the house.

Perfect shot, JSM!

On the ranch....
And this stared at us all weekend!
Love the chandelier!
Perfect Pendleton pattern....classic Oregon. 

Doing one of his favorite things!
And a great place to do one of my favorite things...reading!

Lovely weekend(s) away. Real life awaits, but still wishing for a hot tub. :)


  1. Well I like a hot tub, and there is something so relaxing about getting into one. The views you have had from that hot tub however, are something else entirely! If I had those views, I would never want to go home! Fantastic pictures, from what looks like an amazing time away!

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