Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pretty Good Month

Summer has flown by and it's been hotter than ever. A record summer they say. We've had blue skies almost everyday since May (lovely!) and temps in the 90's (not so lovely!) It actually seems to be cooling off with highs in the low 80's. I already notice the light changing ever so slightly as we move closer to fall. Believe me, I can hardly wait! Not only is it my favorite time of year, but I am desperate for those lower temperatures. I hope they arrive on time this year.

Look at that late afternoon sun!

Roses are pink!

Gratefully, we got a little bit of rain ONE day last month.

July was busy, full of travel, celebration, guests, and some much needed downtime. We've been putting our house together (slowly) and it's starting to feel like OUR home. We have the most beautiful sunsets, our roses are thriving on our back patio, and we finished putting together 2 full rooms. The most important: A place for guests, and a place for JSM to watch football because it's. almost. that. time. of. year.

JSM's man cave (but we both want to hang out in there!) 

The most beautiful sunsets in East Vancouver...

If you come see us, you will stay here. 

JSM headed to the Fare Thee Well show in Chicago, celebrated his 50th birthday with a hippie birthday party, and we had our very first house guest in our new home. Nanny Annie came to visit! 

Dispatch from Soldier Field! While JSM was here....

I was here.

And here. Glorious!

We celebrated both of our birthdays!

Of course. Every very hippie birthday needs a marijuana candle.

The most beautiful birthday cake for JSM made by my sweet friend, Christine!

Birthday man!

Hanging out after golf and fantastic food!

All the guys went home with t-shirts saying "JMac is 50" on the front corner and "What a long strange trip it's been on the back." They were a hit!!

The beautiful!!

At Multnomah Falls

JSM and Nanny Annie

I never tire of Multnomah Falls....

I met sister, Tiny, in Seattle for a sleepover which was wonderful! It had been almost 16 months since we'd seen each other. She's a flight attendant, but she doesn't get a layover in the NW very often.

This is 29 and 39. Wow....time flies! 


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